How Often Should I Schedule a Carpet Cleaning for My Home?

Curious about when to schedule your home’s carpet cleaning? If you’re concerned about keeping your carpet in top shape and germ-free, regular cleaning is a must. 

If you have pets, regular carpet cleaning becomes even more essential. Loveable as they are, our furry friends are naturally messy. A carpet deep clean will help cut down on pet allergens, litter box tracks, and mud from outside.

So what’s the best carpet cleaning routine? Here’s an overview of the benefits of carpet cleaning and why you should use a regular carpet cleaning schedule.  

Things That Cause Dirty Carpets

Here’s the first thing to consider when deciding how frequently to bring in the carpet cleaners. How many sources of germs and dirt come into your home on a daily basis? 

For example, do you have small kids, who often slobber and spill juice and milk on the floor? Kids are notorious mess-makers, so don’t be surprised if your carpet shows it.

Do you walk around on the carpets with your shoes on? Do you work in an industrial setting, where dust and dirt cling to your jeans and boots?

What is the environment like, where you live? If you live in a dusty, dry climate, you may have more dust inside your home. 

How to Know When Your Carpet Needs Cleaning

It’s easy to tell when your carpet needs cleaning if it gets stained and obviously dirty. But how can you tell otherwise?

One way to check is to lift the carpet and look underneath. If you see a lot of dust and debris, it’s a safe bet that the carpet itself is filthy.

Another way is by considering the amount of traffic that goes in and out of your house. Heavily used areas will need cleaning more often.

Establishing a Regular Cleaning Schedule

If nothing else, a regular cleaning schedule will help you keep germs, pet allergens, and stains to a minimum. You can design your schedule based on how much traffic goes through your house on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Some homeowners need to have their carpets cleaned every 6 months, while sometimes once a year is sufficient. But you can always establish a regular schedule and add more cleaning sessions if you need them.

Some carpet cleaners, like Master Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff, treat more than carpets alone. They’ll also do your upholstery cleaning.

Regular sofa cleaning is especially useful to help keep pet allergens and dust to a minimum. So you should strongly consider this option if you have pets and live in a dusty environment.

Reap the Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is actually about more than looks alone. It helps keep you and your family safe from bacteria and viruses and lowers allergens in your home. In other words, you’ll feel better and stay healthier!

And if you have tough stains? Not a problem! We have a process for getting them out. 

Our rates are affordable, and we won’t hit you with surprise fees. Our staff is fully trained on the best equipment and we’re fully insured.

Get in touch for a free quote and let us know about any questions you may have. We’ll make sure that you’re 100% satisfied, so contact us today!

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